Meet Hope (in more ways than one)

In more ways than one, meet Hope.

Sheila and Tim first reached out to me in December 2014 about wanting to grow their family by one more. They already had 3 children and weren’t sure how much luck they would have, but I assured them that if God placed this on their heart it was for a reason and they felt we were the best fit for them then I would be honored to walk this adoption journey with them.

They officially got started with Christian Adoption Consultants on March 3rd, 2015 and we were ready to hit the ground running. The next steps came and went, they finished their home study and I made their profile book for them.

Over the next few months they were able to consider several situations, but none ended up being the right fit all for different reasons.

On March 7th, 2016 they found out they were chosen by an expectant mom, but their were a few hurdles they would need to overcome and ultimately that didn’t end up working out. They were already in another state and heartbroken. A few days later they flew back home only to get a call a few hours later the next morning to a BABY GIRL that had been born and papers were already signed. Within hours they were in the car and driving states away again.

That baby girl is now their daughter Hope.

Adoption isn’t always easy, in fact it is never easy. But, it is worth it all. If you are still waiting, experienced a failed adoption, hurting or praying…keep holding out for hope. 1620762_10208870472980309_1155109810276966796_n12418064_10208870472700302_2387054958075315733_n12418082_10208870469700227_2424331184410650445_n12923184_10208870473620325_5019198457015266966_n12932858_10208870471140263_7149469363587886468_n13015565_10209082246314510_8751578135398421038_n


If you have a heart for adoption and would like more information please feel free to shoot me an email at or call me at 512-230-5313

With all the love,

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