CAC babies of Summer Time

Summer time is in full swing and my news feed is full of beautiful babies from my families that adopted through Christian Adoption Consultants

As I have talked about before, adoption is a beautiful roller coaster. There is so much gratitude and thankfulness involved on the adoptive parent side to the birth parents for making us parents. For hand selecting us and seeing something worthy to raise their child. It is the ultimate compliment and a feeling that will last forever. When placement happened and I saw the tears rolling down Murphy’s birth moms face, my heart nearly broke. I knew I would feel pain for her, but none like that. No matter her life style whether she could provide for him or not she still had to be the one to sign those papers and make the final decision to place her child with us to be his forever parents. I promised her from our first ever conversation that I would not cut her out, that I would always let her know he was doing great and let her see him grow up. I knew it would help with her healing and for Murphy as he got older. She will always and forever be apart of our lives and so will Murph’s older brother Fernando.

The gratitude for birth parents is a life long love. Life goes on and we all get into day to day routine, but every once in a while I will look at my children and it hits me like a ton of bricks what ACTUALLY made this possible. When I feel these overwhelming feelings, I always immediately text “P” to tell her how much we love her and Murph.

She sends me this:

“I knew you were the perfect mother for him the day I met you because I know you will always love, care and provide for him the way I would never be able to. Its because of you and your heart that he will have two mothers that love him more than he will ever understand. 

If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where he and I would be right now. You kept your promise to me by letting me a part of his life still and I will be eternally grateful for you and Tyler.”

I just love her.

So everyone once in a while we get a glimpse of our beautiful children and we see the beauty in it all. The hard, the easy…all of it.

So here is a glimpse of some beautiful CAC babies from my clients. Behind every single one of the babies, there is a story so perfectly crafted by God. Every single move was planned and curated for this baby to be right where he/she needed to be, in the family that God laid out for them.







Your welcome for this Thursday eye candy. Babies are precious, adoption is hard, the Lord is faithful.

Happy Summer Time,


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