Meet Jack-Brooks

I usually write up these blogs about my families, but adoptive mama Brittany wrote it so perfectly that I will let her share her adoption journey: 

Logan and I began our adoption journey with Casey in January. God had been preparing our hearts for adoption for a long time. After struggling with infertility for five years we decided to take a leap of faith and sign up with Christian Adoption Consultants.
We researched reviews about CAC and thought it would be a good fit since we wanted a baby as quick as possible. CAC seemed to be safer for our hearts since we had encountered so much heartbreak already.
Late December I called their direct line and heard this sweet voice on the other end of the line. Casey introduced herself, answered any questions we had, and shared her own personal, precious adoption stories. From that first phone conversation we became immediate friends and soul sisters. Casey worked us through how the whole process would look like and continuously encouraged us that our baby was out there.
January came and we were active and eager to start presenting to situations. After presenting 8-10 times our hearts and arms still came up empty. Each “no” devastated us more and more. I always had a huge fear that “we would never get chosen.” It was so nice to have Casey to lean on because she had been through this before. God spoke through her in a text that she sent to me after receiving one of our “no’s”: “God already sees your baby. He already knows what he or she looks like and when it will come.” We held on to these words as we continued our journey. Though hard, we still fought the good fight because we knew that we were in God’s will.
June: 5 months later
After presenting and presenting (most of which were all precious baby girl’s), I heard an email ding that would forever change our lives. It was mid-day at home (I’m a teacher so I was out for summer) and Logan was at work. I immediately picked up my phone. It was from Casey encouraging us that if we wanted to present to this situation then we had to act quickly. BM was due in about six weeks and she wanted to make a decision fast. I immediately forwarded it to Logan. We read through all of the information and all of the “what if’s” started becoming “this is it.” They were presenting to BM on Logan’s birthday, baby was due on our anniversary, and he was being born in the same state that we were married in!!! Whaaaat? This had to be too good to be true! Not only that, but after all of the baby girl’s this was a boy!!!! Now, we wait…
Late June comes…still waiting on a decision. Email dings again. BM loved our profile book and wanted to talk with us on Wednesday night!! Praise God!
Wednesday night:
From the first word with BM, Logan and I felt like we had known her for years. We knew from that conversation that she was going to give us the most AMAZING gift. What a lady to be so unselfish and giving! She is truly our angel sent from Heaven.
Confirmation email was received that it was a MATCH!!!! One hour after hearing the great news, BM calls me. I’m thinking it’s just to chat. OH NO that wasn’t it at all. She’s in LABOR!!!! Yes, that’s right, our baby is coming on the same day that we are matched.
We can’t get a flight out due to stormy weather. So we throw everything that we can think of in suitcases and make the 10 hour drive to meet BM and Jack-Brooks (his papaw and papa’s names). Three hours into the drive a text message comes through from BM. A picture of him straight out of the womb. Chills! Chills! And more chills! Of course, lots of tears.
The next morning our lives changed forever…we met a boy that would steal a mama’s heart and hold a daddy’s hand forever. Jack-Brooks as you lie on my chest while I type this you are loved beyond measure and our gift from God. All praise be to the One that chose us to be your parents.
Psalm 30:11
“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.”
If you would like to know more about working with Christian Adoption Consultants please shoot me an email at:
With love,

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