+Their journey to Maren+

Oh good gracious where do I even start with these people. I love them a crazy amount. They started as clients and we ended this adoption journey as friends FOOOOREVER (in my best sandlot voice)

Toward the end of 2014 Kate and I started speaking a lot about her and her husband Brett starting their adoption journey. They wanted to end the year just them and a trip to disney and they would get started in January 2015. I was so excited to get started with them, each time I talk to Kate on the phone she is like a ray of sunshine, always happy and upbeat knowing God’s got a plan and truly leaning into that. Over the next year and half that would prove so true that she REALLY was waiting on his timing. Over the next few months Kate and Brett worked on getting their home study ready and just a short while after getting started they got the EXCITING news that they were expecting a child biologically. They never found out the gender (no clue how people have that kind of self control). Their little one was due in October, but there is no way that was stopping them in presenting so they moved forward. The due date came and we all found out together that it was a BABY GIRL. From the beginning Brett and Kate really felt as though the Lord was speaking a BOY to them for this adoption. Over the next few months they presented some more and eventually were MATCHED with a sweet mama in Florida they felt a connection with, as soon as it happened it also fell through sadly. Kate and Brett were so upset, but knew the Lord KNEW their baby.

Let’s move right along. We walked through the next few month closely as we tried to find their little one. In early summer we heard of a situation in Texas, but the gender was unknown. I sent it to Kate and Brett and they knew right away this was the one.


Fast forward a few weeks and I got to call Kate on her birthday to tell her she was getting the best birthday present EVER, Mama “C” was in labor and they need to get to Texas ASAP. She was in tears and it was the best ever.

They jumped on a plane that afternoon.


This was the last picture taken as a family as three as their DAUGHTER was born the next morning and then we all fell in love with Maren Andibell.


Her and her sister are in love.


And after spending the next few days loving on mama “C” the new family of FOUR was able to head back home.


One of the best part’s of all of this was that they were in MY CITY! So we got to go to lunch and I got to love on this family in person.

13567350_10210430791749018_6253623601341841242_n (1)


Here is what Kate had to say: 

When we began the adoption process, we didn’t know where to start. My husband and I had watched so many friends go through the process, but when it came to details, we were clueless. What we did know is that this super fun girl I just started following on Instagram was an adoption consultant and that she could do what we didn’t know how to do. She quickly became our hero by providing step by step assistance, answering our many questions, and fighting in every sense for us to bring our baby girl home. More specifically, the exact baby meant for our family. In times when we felt like all we could do was sit and wait (and cry and stress and worry and doubt), she was the one using her resources to search for us. In the end, we matched with an amazing agency that we didn’t originally apply with. In the big picture of the adoption world, that sounds odd and is not common. But it happened because Casey never quit forming relationships & finding the best fit agency for us, and because it led us to our girl, we are forever grateful. Friends, adoption is rough. Waiting for something you know the Lord has promised can be discouraging. Satan uses that waiting time to attack every facet of our beings and to make us doubt the God who already knows our children. But then the Lord gives us organizations like CAC and people like Casey to speak truth in love, to remind us of His promise, and to show us more of who He is. And I think that part is even more important than the never-ending tangible work that she does.

If you would like to chat more about adoption and what our services at Christian Adoption Consultants looks like email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or give me a call at 512-230-5313

With love,

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