HELLO Isaiah

The month my baby boy (Murphy) was born, Shaun and Laura signed on with me. My little family was in Florida waiting for our sweet boy through adoption to be released from the hospital and they were starting the journey towards their child through adoption.

Over the next few months Laura and Shaun worked on getting their home study done and before we all knew it, it was time for them to start presenting toward the end of February 2016. Over the next several months potential adoption situation came and went, but just weren’t the right fit.

Fro wha tI have seen families always struggle with passing on a situation or not being chosen. The thing I always remind my families of is that your “no” is leaving an open space for someone else to say “yes” and that “yes” might have lead to the building of a family. When your “yes” comes, it will be because that IS your child and God is telling other families it is a “no” for their family.

We can mess up a lot of things, but God doesn’t. He knows the very curve of our babies face. He knows the color of their skin and what beautiful mama is bringing them to us. He makes NO mistakes. HE was made for this, we were made to accept the goodness of His gifts. In June one of the Christian Adoption Consultants agencies posted a new situation that caught Laura’s eye. We looked over it together and they were excited to present.

From the very beginning there was a special connection to this mama. She is from Haiti and Laura and Shaun were supposed to be in Haiti for a mission trip on the baby’s due date. Shaun and Laura wrote a beautiful letter expressing their gratitude to this mama just for considering them.

SHE L.O.V.E.D. them. She loved the connection about Haiti as well. THEY WERE MATCHED!

Just a VERY few short weeks later they got a call that she was in labor and they jumped on a flight to be there ASAP!

When it came to naming him, both the expectant mom and Laura and Shaun had a name that was special to them. I always tell my families it is okay to have a name. For us women, I feel like this is something we start thinking of at 12 years old. BUT, it is important to ask the expectant mom if she also had a name that is important to her. To be able to name the baby together is so beautiful. It can be scary voicing your thoughts on the name, but it really is okay when done respectfully and with an open heart.

Laura freaked when the expectant mom said her name for his was Isaiah.

The name they chose for this sweet baby boy was also Isaiah.

God always knows, friends. Not a stone goes unturned, not a detailed left unplanned when it comes to us. HE lays out the red carpet for his children and that is exactly what He did here as well.

Isiah, Laura and Shaun are back home and enjoying life as a family of THREE.

More from adoptive mama Laura: 

We’d dreamed of adopting from the beginning of our dating years. Three years into marriage, and a lot of praying and researching later, we knew we were ready to start with Christian Adoption Consultants and specifically Casey! I had followed her story on Instagram to her two boys and knew we wanted to work with her. Casey was the first to know of our decision and from the very beginning she encouraged us through every step. Her knowledge of adoption both from working in the industry and adopting her two boys put us at ease as we entered a world in which we weren’t extremely familiar. But more than her knowledge of home studies and profile books and agencies stood her unwavering heart for God and people. When we got discouraged regarding timeline or paperwork or hearing another “no”, she always responded with confidence and faith that God already had our baby in mind. It is so apparent that she is passionate about helping couples follow His calling to adoption. Casey was always a phone call, text, or email away to assuage our fears or propel us forward in faith. I’ll never forget sitting at the airport waiting to hop on our last minute flight (Isaiah was 2 weeks early!) and calling Casey to update her on the news that Mama A was in labor and moving fast. She answered the phone with “Helllooo…what’s going on?” like she had been waiting for our call. She was there for us every step of the way and always made us feel loved and taken care of. We would recommend CAC and specifically Casey to anyone thinking about adoption. Our experience was amazing! We thank God for her and are so grateful she is a part of our story to our son.
13522046_10206565972330009_2018175631376967354_nPhoto Jul 18, 2 48 16 PM13718714_10206776537477545_2952130136291532461_n13692479_10206776533677450_3354832724616091048_n
Bottom three photos courtesy of Hayley Lord Photography and find her on Instagram at @hayleylord and if you would like to follow along Laura and her new family check them out @lauraliszt
If you would like to learn more about Christian Adoption Consultants and working together for your adoption journey email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or give me a call at 512-230-5313
with love,

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