Mama on a heart felt mission- THAT is how I would describe Jenna.

She is passionate, caring and a mama on a mission to find the sweet babe meant for their family. Jenna and Paul came to me in September 2015 with a heart for wanting to grow their family through adoption. I could hear it in her voice. The grit of a mom longing to hold a baby, HER baby in her arms. That was me just a few years ago so I could completely relate.

Over the next few months, Jenna and Paul finished up their HS while I worked on their profile book and by November 2015 they were applying to agencies! The next few months would be a roller coaster that is easy for NOBODY. For a waiting mama though, it is brutal. Presenting and hearing “no” or deciding a situation wasn’t a good fit. About 6 months after waiting I heard about a situation that I knew would be a great fit for them, I emailed it to Jenna then called her to talk a little more about it. She was all IN and they were officially MATCHED!

There was a sweet baby girl in Texas that was meant for them. Over the next few weeks Jenna and I talked several times just to work through some common fears leading up to placement. She was meant to be a mom, she already loved this baby and her mama so much. When the baby was born, Jenna and Paul were so gracious to their daughter’s birth mom and loved her well.

They now have a beautiful baby girl I cannot WAIT to introduce you to: MEET, Leah.


More from adoptive mama Jenna: 

When we started looking into adoption to grow our family, we really had no clue where to turn, who to trust and even where to start. When we found CAC and Casey, those questions were answered immediately and we never looked back. Casey never wavered in her support and care for our strong desire to become a family of 5. She was available to us pretty much 24/7 and always had the perfect words of encouragement to ensure we kept Faith through this process. As I sit here with my sleeping love beside me, tears fall in gratitude to CAC and Casey for the knowledge, support and connecting us with the agency that our Birth Mom was with. The magnitude of the love we have for our birth mom and for this child is beyond anything we could have imagined. CAC doesn’t just walk you through the adoption process; they pray with you, cry with you and celebrate with you. It means so much to us that Casey loves our little girl and will be a friend we continue to stay in touch with. We look forward to watching her adopted boys grow, just as she will with our daughter. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!! 

If you would like to learn more about working with Christian Adoption Consultants and ME shoot me an email at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or call me at 512-230-5313

With Love,

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