I normally share the Deets on my Christian Adoption Consultants families stories, but Selina wrote it our so perfectly that I will let her share:

 When my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt, we had no idea where to start, so we talked to one of our friends who thought about adoption in the past and she said to look into CAC. I looked into it and told Nick about it. We talked about it and prayed about it and decided it was the best thing to do since we didn’t have much of an idea about adoption or the process and felt like we needed help. After going to the website, I checked out their Instagram and that is where I found Casey! Casey’s Instagram caught my attention because she had the cutest pictures and I could tell that she was passionate about adoption and helping others. So, I told Nick about her and he checked out her Instagram too and we both agreed that we wanted to go with her as our consultant and we are sure glad we did!! We filled out the application and started the process in October. We got our first situation in January right after we completed our home study.

The first situation was tough for us because we really wanted children and we saw this situation (which was a stork drop) and wanted so badly to say yes, but we just couldn’t. We didn’t have the funds yet and the baby was already born and needed a home right away and we had absolutely nothing ready for this baby, so we had to pass on this situation, which was heartbreaking for us because we wanted this child so badly. We told Casey about how we were feeling and she was so good and awesome about it. She comforted us, prayed for us and gave us words of encouragement to help remind us that truly God is in control and not every situation will be for us and when the right one comes, He will open the doors for us.  She reminded us that our “no” is someone else’s “yes”. Casey has been such an amazing blessing in our lives and she was absolutely right! Our “yes” situation came in March and we were matched in April!  Today, we have a beautiful 3-week-old little girl and we love her so much!! 

We are so thankful and grateful to CAC and especially to Casey for helping us get through the adoption process and making sure we didn’t stress about it. She even referred us to the website we used to create our profile books (which is an extremely important part of the adoption process). Casey and CAC walked along side us during our whole journey and continue to encourage us and keep open dialogue with us. The thing we like most about Casey is her quick responses to emails, texts, or phone calls. She is so fast to respond and answer your questions or concerns all day everyday. Casey went from starting off as our adoption consultant to ending up as our friend. She lives hours away and when she came to our area, she let me know and I even got to have a lunch date with her and had a blast.  We are so glad to have found CAC, but we are even happier that we found Casey! 


Now meet sweet baby girl Eden!!!!!


Don’t they have the most amazing friends to have this all set up for them when they got home!




And this was when I was able to meet up with Selina for lunch just a few weeks before her baby girl arrived. It is SO fun getting to meet families in person!


If you would like to learn more about Christian Adoption Consultants, domestic adoption and working together email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com

With love,

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