HELLO Layton & Lydia

TWINS! This makes my fourth family that have brought twins into their family.

Krissy and Dave started with me in October 2015 with hopeful hearts of growing their family. The best way I know how to describe Dave and Krissy is when talking to them you know every word is genuine, you know right off the bat that they have a heart for the Lord, the kind of people you desperately hope will move in next door to you so you can do life together. They are just truly wonderful.

They worked on their home study, I worked on their profile book and a couple months later they were ready to start presenting. They wanted to pray over and discuss each situation to see if God was telling them this was the one to present to. They took each one to heart, each expectant mom, each baby, every detail they poured themselves into. Krissy would send me an email saying they didn’t feel like it was the right one. I said “no biggie” and we moved right along. It is so important to know that as a consultant, I am not here to make decisions for you. I am here to give you the advice, resources, encouragement, support, love and tools so that you can make the best decision for your family. That looks different for each and every one of us.

Krissy did a beautiful job sharing their story so here is more from her directly:

Our story began 12 years ago when we decided we wanted to start a family.  We tried, we saw specialists and then we stopped.  I felt a pull on my heart to go in a different direction other than motherhood.  It felt strange but exciting and I decided to be obedient to the calling the Lord had placed in my life.  I left my career of pharmaceutical sales behind me and headed to cosmetology school.  I graduated in a year and a year later I was opening a salon with a business partner.  It was amazing how God was opening doors and truly His grace was all we needed. My heart was full of joy as I was doing the work He had created me to do.  2 months after the opening of the salon I became pregnant.  Unfortunately I miscarried in February at the 6 week mark, four days before my 32nd birthday. I was absolutely devastated.  After months of prayer and thought we decided that we would not pursue fertility treatments but instead just allow the Lord to use us as He saw fit.  It was a difficult decision but it is where we had the most peace.  If that meant never having children then we accepted that claiming 2 Corinthians 12:9 as our mantra and strength.  Many people over the years when they heard we were childless would automatically ask why we wouldn’t jump into adoption.  We always gave the same answer.  “We are open to whatever the Lord has in store for us, but we will not enter adoption unless He calls us to it.”
7 years later He called!  It completely blew our minds that at 39 and 45 He would tell us that it was time.  Obediently we began the process of interviewing friends who had adopted to figure out which direction to pursue.  I connected with a friend on FB who led me to CAC.  It was completely divine as I picked up that phone and called CAC.  Casey was amazing.  She was so kind, patient, reassuring and helpful.  We prayed over it and decided we knew what direction He was leading us…CAC, Domestic adoption, newborn baby.
As time went on and we started the Home study process in October of 2015 my mom said to me, “wouldn’t it be cool if you got twins for your birthday?”  My birthday is February 25 and I was turning 40.  I told her she was crazy, that was way too soon to bring two babies home.  But I marked it down on the form and prayed that God would graciously redeem February for us.  I wasn’t sure how but I was at least going to ask.  Soon after that I got a very strong sense of the exact baby we were to keep our eyes out for.  It felt strange but we decided to pray through it and gave the Lord full permission to change our minds however He wanted because we wanted  to be open to His plans not ours.  I repeatedly told Him I was happy with anyone, any color any gender.  But the nudge, the sense never left.  
Right away the situations starting rolling in.  We would read through them carefully, pray about them, discuss them and wait to see if we had peace about submitting.  It started to get discouraging because I kept having to tell Casey “no.”  The Lord kept telling us to wait, case after case after case.  We just kept waiting for that little boy that He had promised us.  I felt so foolish at times thinking Casey has to be so frustrated with us as we are waiting for “perfect.”  I took the risk and told her what we felt the Lord was calling us to and as always she was amazingly supportive and understanding.  
The end of January rolls around and a case comes in.  It’s a girl.  She’s due 2 days after my birthday. I want this one.  I want this one so much!!  I begged God, I cried and I knew the answer it was still “wait.”  Shortly after this devastating “no” I got yet again another word of encouragement from Him.  “Krissy, do you believe I want the very best for you? Or do you think I’m saying ‘here are some crumbs, be grateful with what you get.'”  I had to think about it and quickly realized after so many years of not having prayers answered for motherhood that I really didn’t think He wanted the best for me.  How could I?  His word clearly states “children are God’s best gift.” Psalms 127:3.  After I admitted it, healing began.  I began to realize that He wanted me to wait for His very Best Yes for us.  And He is faithful and so excited to give it to us.  So instead of being impatient and trying to create an “Ishmael situation” we chose to wait for our promised “Isaac.”
February 15,2016 was a strange day for me.  I was nervous excited and I just kept checking my email.  Sure enough there it was the email my heart and soul were waiting for… “twins, one boy and one girl.”  I about hit the floor.  I knew this was it.  We said “no” to that little girl out of obedience to Him and look what He was doing??? Double blessing, one boy, one girl.  I just couldn’t believe His goodness.  February 23, 2016, two days before my 40th birthday we were matched.  My mom was right!  Twins for my birthday.  
It is so important to remember that God writes the best stories even when they take time. May came around and they met their children. Krissy and Dave waited SO long, but they were obedient, faithful and full of hope. A perfect recipe to accept God’s goodness.
Meet Layton and Lydia:
18 years after saying “I do” Dave finally got to see his wife become a mom. God is do good, guys.
If you would like more information on working with Christian Adoption Consultants and me email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com
With love for one mama of 2 adopted babies to another,

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