12/12/15 was the day started Kira and Michael’s journey with CAC. Kira had questions like any mama would and we went through them all one by one. Adoption and who you decide to get started with is a HUGE decision and not one to be taken lightly. On 1/14/15 we officially got started and they took the plunge! There will always be so many unknowns with adoption so no matter how many questions we go through, they wont all be answered because so many questions will come along the process.



They worked on the home study and I worked on the profile book, which was easy to do because they have the most beautiful family and I just LOVE this part of my job. See more of their profile book here on Kira’s BLOG.

By April 26, 2016 all of their agency application were sent off and the “wait” begins. Over the next few months situations would come and go or they would here a “no” which is always hard to tell a family. Kira was so transparent through her adoption journey on her blog and was so graceful about every single step. Even the really hard ones. At one point not too long ago Kira and Michael found out that a mama LOVED them and wanted to move forward and almost as soon as it happened, it ended. She delivered within a day or two and decided to parent her baby.

Kira and I would spend so much time together texting, on the phone and emailing through this journey. Not just as her consultant, but now as her friend. Because we were not meant to do this alone and no one should ever have to.

In early August Kira got a situation from a local agency about  a mama that was wanting to make an adoption plan. She was brave and courageous and wanted to do what was best for her daughter. Kira and Michael decided to present and on August 12, 2016 I got to send my favorite email ever.


Within just a few days of that email, they were holding their daughter and God had kept his promise. You see Kira herself is adopted so as an adoptee, this hit home for her. She could see the beauty AND the pain with this adoption journey.

Now, meet Brooklyn Kay or BK.

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More from Kira herself:

Adoption and surrogacy had been a family conversation for about a year before we actually decided we wanted to expand our family through adoption. We had NO idea where to even start but we did know it would take time and research. I was adopted at birth my situation was done privately. All I knew was we could choose domestic adoption or international adoption. So after the holidays, I was randomly surfing through my Instagram explore feed one night and as if God were speaking to me he showed me Casey from Christian Adoption Consultants. I am very aware how the Internet works and certain things you have searched will pop up in the most random areas but I had not done any research regarding adoption. The picture was of Casey holding her brand new baby, Murphy, with a heart felt caption regarding his birth mom. I fell in love. I immediately was obsessed with her feed and contacted her right away. Once she told me how CAC worked, as a liaison, I immediately had a sense of relief that this may not be chaos like I had thought. She had so much great information to help guide us through the services CAC provides with their fees attached. The most overwhelming part of the adoption process was the underlining fees that were ahead of us. With some hesitation to move forward right away, my husband and I talked about all the benefits CAC had to offer and at this point we were willing to pay for the guidance. Little did I know that we were joining an entire community when we sent out our paper work to CAC.

Casey, you are a Godsend. You were there when I needed to vent my frustrations and anxiety of the wait. You sent and helped review situations that seemed very overwhelming at some times. You gave us reassurance that God would not let us miss our baby. You reminded me that others are waiting with us. You provided information when some aspects of the process seemed really scary. You were there to celebrate uplifting moments and grieved when we came across heartbreak. Adoption is messy and you, Casey were there with us the whole way. Above your help, your friendship is what means most to my family and me. I am forever thankful to have made my new friendships and the incredible people I have connected with through CAC.  


If you would like to learn more about adoption and possibly working togetherI would love to chat! Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or my direct line is 512-230-5313

If you would like to follow along Kira’s blog or sweet little family on IG find her BLOG HERE. If you would like to follow here on IG go here : @kirabug

If you would like to follow along my sweet little family check us out on IG here: @zarubalife

With love,

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