Sadie and I have become so close over the last year and half walking out their adoption journey together that I want to sit down over coffee with you all so I can share all the sweet details that this blog simply won’t be able to capture.
 Meet Sadie and Jordy:
We first started communicating in August 2015, they decided to getting started with me and Christian Adoption Consultants that same month, they got started on their home study while I got started designing their profile book… (Here’s a peak of their book)
Photo Aug 26, 10 24 59 AM
November came around and while they were ready to start applying to agencies, I was in Florida with my brand new baby boy who we were welcoming into our family through adoption. Sadie would email and call from her home with a hopeful mama heart, while I would respond from the NICU with a full mama heart. I knew she would be right where I was soon.
By December they had applied to all the agencies and on February 10th, just 8 short weeks later we received information on expectant mama “K”. The presented and she fell in love with them, they were MATCHED! Over the next few months “K” and Sadie became extremely close. Their relationship is one of the most beautiful that I have had the honor of watching unfold over time. Loving unconditionally.
Now meet, Asher and then here a little from Sadie herself. (it made me cry)
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“About a year and half ago Jordy and I started seriously looking at the best way for us to grow our family. We had been married for three years and were ready to bring a child into our home to love on and raise up. After visiting with doctors and having lots of conversations with each other we decided that our hearts were leading us to adopt. It was the only decision that felt ‘right’ for us. 
         Once we decided that we were meant to adopt we started looking into adoption and were completely overwhelmed by all that was out there; agencies, home studies, new lingo that we didn’t understand, etc…We had decided that the best situation for us would be a domestic newborn adoption and that was about all that we were certain of. 
One morning I caught the end of a story on the news about a couple who had recently adopted a newborn and their pictures from the hospital were going viral. The news shared their blog information, and I looked them up, read their story, and was directed to CAC’s website. For the next hours I read story after story on CAC’s blog of families, and their beautiful adoption journey’s. I remember sitting in our kitchen, reading, reading, reading, and crying at the Lord’s faithfulness in every situation.
           From the blogs, I felt a connection to Casey. Her heart and passion for adoption, birth mama’s and growing families was so evident. Jordy and I talked it over and decided to call CAC the next day. When I called, this sweet voice answered, “Christian adoption consultants, this is Casey” and I knew at that moment everything was going to be okay, we were in the right place. Casey has become so much more than our adoption consultant, but has become a friend, support, mama and women of God that I look up to. I have learned so much from her and her example. We didn’t think it was possible to love our sweet mama K as much as we do, and we learned that it was possible from Casey, and that has changed our hearts forever. I would not be sitting in the hospital right now, holding our sweet son, so in love with him and his beautiful birth mama if it weren’t for CAC and Casey. 
              If you are reading this blog, like I was a year ago, longing to raise up a child and love them unconditionally, take hope in these words and stories of life. Open up your heart to adoption, and it will be changed forever in so many ways. This is how we are the hands and feet of Christ. We love one another deeply, and we love when it doesn’t make sense to the world. We love the birth mama that bravely and unselfishly chooses LIFE for her unborn child, and we love that child. The child that the Lord knew would be entrusted in our care, before we ourselves were even born. The journey is hard and testing, but it is so beautiful, and worth it all,  and Jordy and I are humbled to be apart of it. “
If you would like to learn more about Domestic Adoption or working together I would love to chat! Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com
If you would like to follow along Sadie and her family check her out on IG: @sadie_arlene and if you would like to follow along my crazy little family follow us on IG: @zarubalife
With love,

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