HELLO Harper

It was pouring down rain outside when Kami called and I could hear in here voice that she was ALL IN, but with a side of caution. Kami is a single mama to Logan (cutest kid ever) and she didn’t feel like her journey of being a mama stopped with one baby. She had fears of not only never being chosen because she is a single mom, but more so because she already had a biological child.

A small part of my heart explodes when I hear those sort of fears because is the perfect entry to talk about our almighty Father. The one that brings families together and is faithful in His promises. He is a good Father and one that we can count on 7 days a week to build our families or give us peace with where our current family. Kami knew though, she knew she was suppose to be a mama again.

On June 2nd we GOT STARTED. I was so excited and reassured her over and over that she was worthy to be a mama again and that there would be birth parents that would FALL in love with her and Logan. She was home study ready and I put her profile book together. She was so worried expectant parents wouldn’t see through the pages so I tried really hard to convey through the colors, layout, pictures and narrative how wonderful they are.


I immediately started sending situations once the book was completed. After just about 6 weeks of presenting, we got an email that would change everything. We found out that one of our Christian Adoption Consultants agencies accidentally put Kami’s profile in when presenting to a set of expectant parents and THEY CHOSE HER over several other families. The agency immediately realized what happened and told the expectant parents that they would call Kami, but there was a chance she could be matched or not interested.

The situation was a perfect match for Kami as well and THEY WERE MATCHED.

Oh, Hey there GOD. That was totally meant to be a part of her and Logan’s story. A few weeks later they flew out to Florida to meet the birth parents and it went GREAT. They fell in love with Logan and Kami and vice versa.

The mama that was worried she would never be a mama again matched in 6 WEEKS and would be a mama again in just a few more.

And then she was here. Kami hopped a flight to Florida and met Harper and sent me this..


You see the thing is, God hears our fears but He won’t compete with them because He doesn’t have to. He is faithful and loving and HE IS GOOD.

Kami and Logan have the most amazing relationship with Harper’s birth mom. So much so that was they were cleared to go home…they stayed in Florida longer because they were having so much fun. Kami and Harper’s birth mom talk almost every single day and it is one big beautiful family.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Kami, Logan, Harper, Harper’s birth mom (“S”) and others..


Now meet Harper







Don’t ever let your own fears get in the way of growing the family God had planned for you all along. IF you are interested in Domestic adoption I would love to chat!

See more adoption stories on our CAC Facebook page and follow us on Instagram at @christianadoptionconsultants 



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