CAC babies of FALL

This is my favorite time of year, Heck isn’t it everyone’s favorite time of year? No, just me? okay moving along..

Seeing my news feed fill up with baby pictures and pumpkins and families built through adoption make me swoon. This job is not something I take lightly nor for granted. I am blessed to get to call this “work”

So if adoption has been on your heart, let the fears fall to the side, the unknowns disappear and God’s promise speak volumes. A few week’s ago I was flying home from Utah and this gentleman I was sitting next to started chatting with me about Murphy (he was with me) and I spill my guts about my life, adoption, missions, the Lord. All of it. At one part in the conversation I remember saying, “Most all people would adopt HIM, that cute baby in your lap who is perfect, healthy and has dracula teeth, but not everyone would adopt his “story”. The one that we got in an email, the one that said some pretty scary things. Some people would let fear stand in the way. But when we don’t risk it all, when we don’t take leaps of faith, when we don’t go all in we are limiting what God can really do.

So be all in and let the fear fall to the side, friend. We serve a might God. Now enjoy some of my beautiful CAC family’s babes of FALL.


And just a few of my little family:



I wish you the happiest FALL, if you are lucky enough to get a real one (I live in Texas and just got my kids out of the pool) ENJOY it!

If you are interested in domestic adoption I would love to chat! and check out more about CAC HERE


And if you would like to follow a few of the mamas above:

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