HELLO Bronte

OH this sweet family. They are a beach loving, traveling, fun spirited lovely couple. From our first conversation I could feel how genuine and loving they were (and are). They have a zest for life that beams.

Kelly did a great job of breaking down their timeline and story: 

March 23: Talked to Casey for the first time

May 5: Homestudy approved

June-July: Took time to enjoy the summer and family

Mid- August: Profile Book Completed & starting applying to Agencies

Sunday, September 18- Heard about “M” Adoption Plan

Monday, September 19: Matched

Tuesday September 20: Talked to “M” the first time (1 pm) and baby girl was born    



And a little more about their experience:

From the moment we met, we talked about having children. Having biological children was not in the plan for us.  For many years I questioned why, why this deep desire to become parents was not being answered. And then the question of when. It truly felt like something that wasn’t for us. However, the true desire to raise a child was unshaken and we continued to have faith. The more we prayed and considered our options, the more adoption came to the front of our minds and hearts. We both felt adoption was the perfect way to grow our family and to give all of the love we have to a beautiful child. From the moment we considered adoption, peace grew in our hearts and then the knowing that the perfect child, our child, would soon be placed in our arms. Working with Casey and Christian Adoption Consultants has been an incredible experience. Adoption can be very scary and unknowing. Having Casey to walk us through the process was invaluable. She was more of a friend I never knew I needed. She was able to answer all of our questions, and believe me there were many! When we first talked to Casey, she gave us faith our baby was out there, waiting for us too! And she was right. After only a month, we were matched with Bronte’s Birthmother and two days later we held our baby girl for the first time. Life will never be the same, and for that, we are unbelievable grateful. Each time I look at our beautiful baby girl everything becomes clear because now I know what we have been waiting for. 

Getting to walk out an adoption journey with a family isn’t something that is lost on me. The magnitude of that decision, not just to adopt, but to allow someone else into such an intimate vulnerable time in your life. I am forever grateful for every family that trusts me with that.

Now meet their beautiful daughter, Bronte:

Kelly and Kyle, thank you for trusting me with such a big moment. You guys are the best and your family is beautiful.

IF you would like to know more about domestic adoption I would love to chat!




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