HELLO Claire

Well I was going to tell you all about Aislee and Chris’s adoption journey, but she did it perfect so I will just hush and say how much I love this sweet little family, their hearts and grace through everything.
Meet Chris + Aislee
When we contacted Casey, we had been a waiting family with a large adoption center for 7 months.  To say we were feeling discouraged is an understatement, we were starting to wonder if there really was a child out there for us.  We longed to be parents and after receiving an infertility diagnosis, we knew adoption was the path God had always planned for us.  So as the months passed and we experienced literally no progress with the center we paid a significant amount of money to up front, we started questioning everything. I happened to stumble across Casey’s Instagram page and began following her.  Right away, I was drawn to her love for the Lord and her passion for helping families grow through adoption.  I felt the Lord pushing me to contact Casey sooner, rather than later.  We had originally agreed that we would wait until our one year active anniversary before we started pursuing other avenues, but I just couldn’t ignore the feeling that we needed to move forward sooner. From the first time I emailed Casey, I could tell that our experience with her and CAC was going to be different from our previous 7 months.  She was quick to answer any questions we had and was so sweet to us through every step of the process. We felt like she took the time to get to know us and truly cared about us as people, something we hadn’t experienced before in our adoption journey.  Casey designed a beautiful profile book showcasing our lives and a month after becoming active, we were matched with Mama M.  As soon as we talked to M on the phone, all the waiting and heartache made perfect sense, we were waiting for her specifically, she was perfect for us!  Just a little over a month after being matched and meeting M, we were holding our baby girl! We truly believe that  M and Claire were always meant to be a part of our family.  We are confident that God’s timing is perfect, and we would wait all over again, for our sweet girl!  We literally braved two hurricanes for our daughter, the irony of which is not lost on us.  Adoption is hard, and sometimes you have to brave strong storms, but it’s all worth it in the end when you look into the eyes of the child God created specifically with you in mind!  We will forever be grateful to Casey for being the hands that God used to bring our little family together!! 
Now meet the beautiful, Claire 

It is truly a gift to be able to be a small stepping stone in a family’s adoption journey. To be able to pray over them, love on them and celebrate them might be one of the greatest joys I get to have!


If you would like to know more about domestic adoption please check out more on our website HERE and shoot me an email with chat further about any questions, concerns or fears.




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