+ How I do it all in a be it all world +

I surprisingly get asked this a lot. I have some TRUTH for you.

I don’t, like not even a little do I do it all or have it all together. So if you were looking for a blog post with the “magic potion” to make it all work. Keep on movin sister…


Planner: Rifle Paper Co. 
Bloom Book: @esteelalonde
HELLO Sunshine Bag: @adornlee
Totes Kind Bag: @mamasaidtees
B/W Scarf: @americaneagle
Coffee Mug: @target
Totally Winging It sweatshirt: @fresh.apparel.tees
Where I get my inspo for small shops: @cupcakemag & @cupcakemagsocialites

But I am happy to share what works for me, because girlfriend has a lot going on.

What roles do I have to Fulfill?

-Daughter of the King
-Adoption Consultant to MANY
-Young Living Gold Leader to a team of 1100 people

I take each of those roles very seriously, but it isn’t without feeling defeat in one area most days. There will never be a day I can do it all. I can’t have the cleanest house (don’t let IG fool you, it is a clean corner),  The most successful career, the best friendships, the best marriage, the best mom award.

Some nights I miss dinner because I am working with my team or finishing up something for a CAC client. What I do know and what I need you to know is WE ARE ENOUGH.

We serve a Lord that says we are enough, because he gave every ounce of Himself for us to be enough. The world puts these impossible standards on us that are never realistic to be able to keep. Social media makes us believe these lies that some other mama or wife have it all together. They don’t, I don’t no one does.

There are a few things that help me get through a day that I cannot go without. Maybe they will help you too!

  • MY planner If it isn’t in the planner it IS NOT happening. And then because I am a lunatic, I even write down things in my planner after I have done them so at the end of the day I remember why Im so tired and that I actually did in fact do something with my day. 
  • Books: No matter where I am I have them around me. I find inspiration from everything. Books are my #1. Sometimes I just open one up and read a page and then get back to work. It’s weird I know, but true. 
  • Morning coffee, backpack filling, cartoon sesh, cereal, oiling up, changing clothes, bottles AKA Morning time with my tribe. 99% of the time this is untouched time. No emails get answered, no phone calls are taken, I hug my husband and re-heat my coffee 10 times. It works for us. Nothing touches this time. 
  • Worship Music, this is my life song. It gets me through a day and it is ALWAYS playing in the background while Im working. 
  • LISTS–I HAVE to have them. I make a list for everything big or small. 
    • Example List: Emails, (client name) Profile book, (client name) paperwork, Post in SFH (oily business group), Post on personal IG, Post on Simple Folk Community IG, Post CAC IG, Mail Christmas Cards, Grab Teacher Gifts, OIL



Although they may seem small, they truly get me through the day. Because all of the above can NOT suffer, I will now tell you some things that HAVE TO take a back burner.

  • My Laundry (It’s so bad) 
  • A clean house in general
  • Beds being made
  • Working out (LOL)
  • Getting out of my pajamas while I work (thankfully at home) 
  • Relaxing
  • Dinner schedule (This is always figured out as Im picking the boys up from school and then we stop by the store)
  • Being the class mom
  • Remembering every “Muffins with mom” day (I have missed every single one sadly) 
  • And one time I forgot to pick Foster up from school (don’t let this go on the back burned, I SOBBED the entire day and his poor teach left a note in his backpack the next day saying I wasn’t a bad mom. It was all very bad NOTE: Pick up kid from school)

Now don’t get me wrong, I WANT to do all of those things, but I have to choose. Thankfully my kids are still very young and the muffins with mom things is actually in the lobby and not actually with the kids. It’s weird.

But you have to make a list. Figure out what’s important and what isn’t. For me personally I have always had these HUGE LIFE size dreams of doing big things and I fight for that every day. I want to be the best most compassionate consultant, I want to be the best leader to my team, the best wife to my husband (who deserves the best wife because he is THE BOMB), the best mom, the best friend.

I put so much pressure on myself to be it all in a be it all world and I fall short 7 days a week and you will too because they are impossible standards. What we don’t hear a lot of the time and I NEED you to hear me now is this:

It’s okay. You are enough even when you don’t feel like you are.

Do what you can when you can and always put the Lord, your spouse and your kids first. The rest will follow suit. If those 3 things are off, the rest will surely crumble. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and not bring you down. Have someone negative in your life? You can love them from a distance, but don’t allow people in your life that aren’t going to empower, encourage and cheer you on. Those are our soldiers. Those are the people we can’t live without.

Don’t let the standards of the world make you feel less than. I see you with your kids at school telling them how amazing their art work is, I see you sitting at chick fil a for a “date” with your spouse while the kids play, I see you staying up late to hustle just a little harder, I see you making lists and checking them off. I also saw you buy pizza for dinner tonight because you JUST RAN OUT OF TIME. Eat that pizza girl and love on those babies.

Never let the lie that you are not enough seep in. The enemy will try and you push back, you hear me?


God already told us we were enough and His word stands against it all.


Raising my Tribe shirt: @little_adi_co

Just like you, I am raising my tribe the best I know how.


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