HELLO Adelaine

Oh here we go again…because YOU GUYS I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!


Alissa tells there story perfectly and what an honor it was to be a part of it!

We came to CAC tired and discouraged.
Our hearts were busted and bruised.
We were not sure that we would be able to find the stamina to keep hearing no and not yet. We knew God could sustain us and that we would not quit until our baby was in our arms, but y’all, we were battle weary!
After officially beginning our adoption journey in October of 2015, we completed our homestudy and quickly became a waiting family with an small agency whom we still love greatly. We matched quickly, but were heartbroken when this match ended in miscarriage. After more months of waiting and not seeing situations, we started to pursue other avenues such as lawyer matches or referral situations. We heard no thirteen times.
We knew that we needed just one yes, but we started to think that we would never hear that precious word again. The waiting process is nothing if not humbling. I know I walked into it thinking that it wouldn’t take very long. And in reality, it didn’t. But, my arms were ready for a baby years ago and every day feels like a lifetime when you have empty arms and a longing heart. I know that so many of you know this ache. 
I had followed Casey on Instagram for years and  all of a sudden everyone was recommending CAC to me! So I started to investigate.
Before we even signed the paperwork, Casey was so encouraging. She gave me an extra burst of life to keep going. Like when you are exhausted to the point of drooling on your pillow and get the perfect cup of coffee to make the world beautiful again? Yup. She was like that. The real deal.
We became official CAC clients on August 31,2016 and on September 28th, 2016 we were matched.
We stuck to none of our original preferences. It was an over-budget situation that we knew would most likely require an additional hospital NICU stay. But God had no limits, y’all. He does things for our good and His glory. We laid our big “yes” on the table and he gave us the best. Not the easiest, but the best. 
When we spoke with Mama G, we knew. We had been waiting for her and this precious baby that she carried. We drove to meet her a few weeks later and somehow, it was as if we had known each other for years. 
On November 16th, 2016 at 3:39pm, our sweet 7lb 1oz miracle, Adelaine Serenity, entered the world two weeks early. 
The time we spent with Mama G in the hospital is something I will forever cherish. As we have continued our time here in the NICU, we have been blessed with a visit from Mama G and continued contact. Open adoption is so worth it! 
Right now, I am watching my baby girl sleeping in this little NICU space. She is almost one month old and growing and blossoming like a beautiful flower. I am her mama. This is a gift I have been given and a honor I will never deserve. When her first mama chose to give her life, she had no idea how life-giving this baby girl would be to Josh and I. We are three. And the gravity of that will never cease to astound me.
If any detail of our journey had been different, we wouldn’t be holding Addie. I could cry a million tears thinking about this, because I can’t imagine this life without her. As a very wise friend told me many times, “Trust your journey.” Because no matter the twists and the turns, God is right beside you. And when you hold that baby close, you will know. It will all make sense.
If adoption has been on your heart I would love to chat! You can shoot me an email at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com

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