I am EXTRA excited about this sweet family and sharing with you, because for the FIRST TIME I was able to go to the hospital to meet them and their new daughter.

Jenn wrote is so beautifully in her own words:

We came to CAC overwhelmed and unsure where to start.  So many agencies, so many laws… From our first conversation with Casey, she helped to make the process seem simpler and really broke things down for us step-by-step.  Before long we were ready to present to our first expectant mom.  I must have spent a couple hours on the phone with Casey asking all sorts of questions, but she patiently walked me through what I was looking at and what it meant.  Even when we had the fortune of receiving 8 situations in two days (one that came in well after her business hours), she talked me through each one of those without ever making me feel as though I was a bother and really helped us to understand the risks so we could decide whether it was a good situation for our family.  When I would get discouraged after seeing situation upon situation come across that were not right for our family, or when we received our 6th “no” after presenting, Casey would always encourage us and remind us that God already had a child picked out for us.  We were matched with our daughter’s birth mom after only 9 months with CAC (only 4 months after we were home study approved).  Our daughter was born in a hospital not too far from Casey’s family, and she happened to be in town that weekend.  She came to visit us in the hospital (our only visitor, since we were so far from home) and we got to meet her in person.  The best thing about Casey, and the thing that mattered the most to us, was that she truly cares about her families and she has a real relationship with Jesus.  It was evident in every conversation that we had with her, that she really wanted to help us and encourage us, we were not just clients.  She has a passion for adoption and for all involved and, when coupled with her faith in God, allowed her to truly advise us and work with us to do what was best for our family and to encourage us with biblical hope.  We are so overjoyed to have our wonderful daughter and are so thankful to Casey and CAC for helping to make it happen.  Casey, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Getting to have a coffee date with Jenn and Sean  in the hospital WITH their daughter there was absolutely dreamy. This isn’t just a job for me, it is a friendship that is built and continues..



And then getting to meet in person….finally!



If you would like to learn more about domestic adoption I would love to chat!!!



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