HELLO Georgia

This Family.
This Story.
Their Faith.
Their Yes.

What a beautiful story God wrote for this beautiful family. From my first conversation with Kristin her voice was gentle and her heart was hopeful. Her and Adam were putting their “YES” on the table and had no idea what that might look like. BOY was God about to blow their mind with His plans.

Kristin and Adam got started with me and CAC in February 2016, they hit the ground running and were ready to find their missing link. By the very end of June their home study was complete and I had everything in hand to get started on their profile book! A few weeks later they were ready to present. We received a situation for mama “V” that I sent along to Kristin and Adam to review. We were thrilled to find out that she LOVED them! They MATCHED with “V” just about 2 weeks before her due date. That sweet baby was born and those CRAZY hurricanes were happening in Florida and Everyone was stuck where they were. Mama “V” fell in love with her baby and bonded during that time and decided she wanted to parent. Kristin and Adam were heartbroken having to go home, but were so gentle and kind with their words. Never speaking from anger, but always love. Just a few weeks later another baby girl was born and a week after that we would find out about her! I was so excited to call Kristin and tell them about this sweet abby girl.

They were all in, headed back and met their daughter. The one that was always meant for their family.


Here is more from Kristin:

Our call to adoption began like many others with always having the
desire to adopt, but thinking we could do it on our own time. That I
would carry as many children as I wanted and we would adopt later down
the road, making the decision as a family to give a child a home.
Thankfully, our God had different plans, better plans for our family.
He used every struggle we had trying conceive another child to open
our hearts to adoption, bit by bit, piece by piece. It was in the
stories I followed on Instagram, lives changed and families made
through adoption, news stories about families meeting their child for
the first time, and a very personal story from our pastor that found
us feeling deep in our hearts that adoption would complete our family.
While we were anxious, excited, and a bit fearful about our decision,
we trusted this path that God placed in front of us and we always
believed he would provide. And, he did… a hundred times over.
One of the biggest blessings throughout this process, was our
consultant, Casey.  After seeing a news story about a family that used
CAC, I knew they would be my first call.  Casey was a true friend to
us during our adoption.  She was kind, professional, and genuinely
excited for us. As an adoptive mama herself, she was so knowledgeable,
she had an answer for every question and concern. I knew after our
first phone call that God was using Casey to bring our baby home to
us. She walked us through each step of the journey, answered countless
texts and emails, prayed for us, and was so faithful.  When our first
match failed in October, it was Casey that gently reminded us that
God’s plans are not always our own, they’re almost always better than
we can imagine.  Our baby was still out there and we needed to keep
We welcomed our sweet girl to our family a little over a month after
our first matched failed. It was the best call we had ever received.
“A baby girl born a week ago…” I didn’t even need Casey to finish,
my heart had already said a thousand “yes’s”. On November 18th, we met
our Georgia for the first time.  She was a week and one day old, and
absolutely perfect.  She really was better than we could have ever
imagined.  In God’s time, in his way, in his unending love, he made us
a very happy family of 4.



If you would like more information on Domestic Adoption and working with yours truly I would love to chat!


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