HELLO Carson

I am so excited for you to hear Jacob and Kourtney’s adoption journey! Enjoy!



Jacob and I had talked about adoption early on in our relationship, even prior to marriage. It was something we wanted to do at some point in our life, just no plan as to when. Shortly after we were married, God started laying stepping stones that would lead us to adopt. It was in the steps He took that lead us to Carson.

The moment we spoke with Casey, we felt instantly at ease. She is a fellow adoptive Mama, she has been through the process TWICE and she has helped countless numbers of families through their entire adoption journey – she was someone we couldn’t have done this without.

The week we started with Casey, we were sent our first expectant mother situation. We decided to present. This birth mother lived out of state and was going to have a little girl in September. She wished to have a local family to share an open adoption with, so we were not chosen. We mentally prepared ourselves to be told “no” but it’s hard not to get excited and be emotional in that moment. Casey told us, “always remember that God knows your baby and find comfort in that”. That stuck and helped us more than I could ever explain.

2-3 weeks after starting with CAC, we were sent another expectant mother’s profile – she was having a little boy that was due the first week of November. We decided to present. The process of presenting takes days. Birth mothers read life books and have to make that hard decision of who will parent their baby. I remember being in the middle of Target the weekend after we sent in our life book and Jacob looking at me and saying “I have a feeling about this. This is going to be our son.”. I smiled at him with hope in my heart and reminded myself of what Casey told me – “God knows your baby”.

That next week, we got the call. The call that changed our life forever. We had been chosen. I got the call at work. I cried with 2 of my co-workers and ran out the door to go home and surprise Jacob. The look on Jacob’s face when I pulled out a little newborn boy’s onesie was priceless. We cried and held each other in the kitchen in disbelief that we were being blessed with a sweet little boy in just a few months. Our hearts were full.

We had a challenging few months walking out the pregnancy with Carson’s birth mom. There were tears at challenging times and LOTS of praying. Casey was there with us through every step of the way. Regardless of the time, she was there. I remember her talking to me one afternoon after work while she was trying to get dinner cooked and her little ones bathed but she didn’t hesitate to be there for us. Not once. I look back at everything that happened during our adoption journey and I truly don’t think I would have been able to emotionally handle it without her. She is such a blessing and will forever hold a special place in my heart for everything she did for us. I would encourage families to be as “go with the flow” as possible. Lean on Casey for support and advice. She won’t let you down. Looking back on the challenges, it was hard, but we would do it 100 times over for our Carson.


If adoption has been on your heart, I would love to chat!!



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