HELLO Ava Grace

I first met Ashlie and Cody back in July 2016 when they reached out to me as hopeful adoptive parents! I am pregnant and my hormones are crazy town so even that first sentence brought tears to my eyes that I get to write this for them. It is maybe one of the hardest things to want something so bad (to be parents) and having no control over when that might happen, but Ashlie and Cody had faith to carry them through.

There home study was complete in October as well as their profile book. They began receiving situations from me to review right away. Just 8 weeks later in December they presented to another mama and this time it was a YES!

They were matched and would start to grow a beautiful bond with this sweet mama. March 2nd, 2017 they welcomed their daughter Ava Grace.

Adoption will always come in the form of a roller coaster, there will be parts that you feel good and not scared and then there will be drops that are scary. But at the end you realize everything was okay the whole time.

More from Ashlie:

We are SO SO SO happy we chose to go through CAC to help in our adoption journey. The process was easy and having Casey there to help us was amazing. I love that I was able to come to her for not only advice but also spiritual up-lifting. This journey was hard at some times and having such a positive guide to lead us through has made it so nice. We love her for that! We feel like family with CAC not just a file. Ava Grace was 5 pounds 15 oz and nothing short of being perfect! She is one week old today! The love we have for her is unimaginable! Thank you Casey for all of your help!

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If you would like more information about the adoption process or working with me/CAC I would love to chat!



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