You know those relationships and friendships that you walk into and it seems like you are bringing something to the table, but then they end up blessing you a million times over. That’s Fallon and Mingo for me. They are loving and faithful in a way that is inspiring on a daily basis. Their life is full of adventure with the Lord at the forefront. It’s awe inspiring.

It really is beautiful.

So when they came to me in August 2016 with the desire to adopt I was so excited to work with them! They never doubted that the Lord knew their desires and they never doubted that He would provide. I finished up their profile book and they got agency applications in the mail. In December they began looking at potential adoption situations and each one that they saw moving forward they prayed over, I prayed over and gave it to the Lord.

On January 26th, 2017 we received a situation of a mama that was looking for the right family for her baby. Fallon and Mingo loved this mama from the second they heard about her. They decided to put their “YES” on the table and a few days later we all got the exciting news that she loved them TOO!!! Soon they were headed to Florida to meet her and well the rest is history.


More from Fallon:

Mingo and I have had a stirring in our hearts for adoption since we started dating but we never knew the road that we would travel that would bring us to our sweet son.  Adoption can feel overwhelming, where to start, what agency, all the legal work and for us it felt like a mountain, until we met Casey. I had been following Casey on instagram right when she adopted her second beautiful bundle and was moved by how she openly shared her heart for adoption along with her personal story. Every time I saw an update I stopped and was in awe of how real deal she was, because we all know the world needs the uncut version of life sometimes and her narrative moved me. After our second IUI fail and much prayer we knew adoption is where the Lord was beckoning us. It went from excitement to we have to start this process like NOW and we couldn’t get going soon enough.  I reached out to Casey and asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing how she went about adopting her boys and to my very excited surprise she told me she was an adoption consultant herself and if we wanted to talk about it she would be happily open to chat. Just a few days later Mingo and I were talking her ear off asking every adoption newbie question there was…I mean lots and lots of questions people. Casey was always encouraging, patient with all our questions and always made us feel cared for. No question was to small no thought too lofty. After that first conversation with her Mingo and I got off the phone and instantly felt like we were missing out because she didn’t live in California, and just a few weeks later signed on with CAC and Casey as our consultant. Casey feels more like a friend and an advocate always making time to listen, never rushing conversations, listening to our fears and helping to calm them, offering the most sounds Biblical advice, and always got back to us right away.  Even the day our son was born she helped coach us through every single aspect from meeting our son’s birth mom, to what to bring to the hospital, dealing with expectations, how to handle all the emotions involved and prayed for us when we needed it most. She has a stunning creative eye for design and when we received our copies of our families profile book I cried at how beautiful they were. She thought of every detail, layout, and the book captured our family perfectly. I honestly cannot even imagine going through our adoption journey without her. She made everything so clear that we just followed her steps and just 7 weeks after we were a live family we were matched with Nico’s amazing birth mom and 11 days later we were holding our son in our arms. Casey started off as an inspiration on social media, to our very educated and wise adoption consultant to a life long friend. We just clicked with her and there will never be enough I can say about her and how she gently and lovingly lead us through our personal journey to our beautiful Nico. I will forever be a supporter of CAC and will say for certain there was not a single aspect of our adoption journey that we did not feel 100% supported.  Thank you Casey for being more than we ever expected! 


Well that will make a girl cry all the tears. Can you see what I mean? They are such a blessing, we are life long friends now and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now to meet this sweet babe and family.17269122_10213030642143653_282285964_o17270221_10213030644383709_153275463_n17269828_10213030645583739_1461097516_o17203975_10213030645303732_1250426609_n17200155_10213030644143703_1893709159_o17200081_10213030644623715_972038037_o17200047_10213030645783744_1974584368_o


If you would like to chat about adoption and what that might look like for you family, I would love to talk!



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