HELLO Alayna Grace

Oh this sweet sweet family. Amber and Daniel were troopers during some tough times and a complete picture of grace through every beautiful step the Lord was leading them on throughout this process. Amber shared her and adoption journey with us:

From Amber

When Daniel and I first started looking into adoption our hearts were aching as we had been dealing with infertility for almost 4 years.  We had decided not to pursue anymore infertility treatments and felt that God was using our infertility to lead us to adoption.  It was so overwhelming looking online at adoption agencies.  There were just so many to choose from and we wanted to make sure we picked one that was centered on Christ.  A friend who had just recently adopted told us how many great things she had heard about CAC and so I started looking into them.  We had been praying that the Lord would help us know which agency to go with and we had narrowed it down to CAC and one other agency.  We really liked what we saw online so we decided it was time to give them both a call.  I called the other agency first and I received a voicemail recording.  I did not leave a message and decided to call CAC right after.  As soon as the phone started ringing, Casey answered and I knew exactly who I was talking to because I had read her mini profile on the CAC website.  It was such a comfort to talk with her and I already felt like I knew her heart.  She explained so many things about adoption that had never even crossed our minds.  That one phone call gave me so much hope.  As soon as I got off the phone I knew that CAC was where the Lord was leading.

As soon as our home study was complete we started getting situations.  We ended up presenting 7 times and each time we heard “no”.  As each “no” came, it got harder and harder.  So many thoughts and emotions kept running through our minds.  Why aren’t we getting chosen? Do we need to take better pictures?  Was this not the path God was leading us to? We also felt that we needed to continue to trust God, that He knew what He was doing even though we didn’t understand.  Then one day we received a call of a baby boy just born who needed a forever family.  There were a ton of unknowns but we didn’t feel like we could say no.  We were so excited and hopped on a flight that same day and made it late that evening.  Things did not go as planned and it ended in a failed adoption as birth mom decided to parent.  We were absolutely devastated and heartbroken.  Going home empty handed was one of the hardest things we had faced together.  But even in that terrible time, there was a unexplainable peace that we felt and we knew that God was in control and that He was walking before us every step of the way.  We felt Him pushing us to trust Him more and lean deeper into Him than we had ever before.  We knew He is the Good Shepherd and that He would not lead us wrong.

Just 2 weeks later we received another call about a baby girl born early that morning in need of a forever family.  We were hopeful and excited but also absolutely terrified because of the failed adoption we had just experienced.  We took the rest of that day to pray about the situation and talked with our parents and with Casey.  I was ready to say “No, let’s just pass” because I was scared to death of the possibility of another failed adoption.  But my sweet husband, Casey, and our parents kept saying the same thing- “Don’t let fear be the reason you say no.”  So we stepped out in faith, trusted God, and said Yes! 

As I sit here now writing this, with our sweet Alayna Grace sleeping on my chest, I cannot imagine if we would have let fear win.  She is more than we could have hoped for and absolutely perfect.  Adoption is a hard, scary, emotional rollercoaster but as everyone says and now we can say too…it is SO SO WORTH IT!!

I cannot imagine this journey without Casey.  She has walked with us every step of the way.  From that first phone call she shared her beautiful heart and her wealth of knowledge.  Her incredible story gave us hope and she always made time to encourage, comfort and pray for us.  She was such a light in this hard, sometimes dark, journey and we cannot thank her enough.  So Casey, THANK YOU for everything.  There aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are to you.  Your heart for the Lord and adoption are truly inspiring!    

Amber and Daniel have been such a joy to work with, it has been amazing to get a first hand seat to see them grow right where the Lord was leading them all along…to trusting in Him. Just like Amber said, maybe my #1 advice to people entering adoption is “don’t let fear win.” If you don’t adoption, if you don’t move forward let it be for good reason, but fear shouldn’t be one of those.

If adoption has been on your heart and you would like to learn more or get your questions answered, I would LOVE to chat!

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