HELLO Sara Isabella

Katie and Morris have hearts of Gold. It’s a fact.

They got started with me in September 2015, they longed to be parents and were so excited about putting their “YES” on the table! By March they were finished with their home study and profile book and ready to start seeing potential expectant mama situations.


In July 2016 they presented to expectant mama “R” with a wonderful agency, we all did a happy dance (and freaked out with excitement) when we heard she LOVED them and they were MATCHED! Mid September Katie and I texted back and forth all day waiting for a beautiful baby boy to be born and I was so excited when I got the “HE’S HERE!!!!” Text. A proud mama boasting about his height and weight. Everything was going perfect.

After a few days, his mama decided she wanted to parent and not place. Katie and Morris were so upset, but handled it unbelievably gracefully. They met with “R” and talked it out. She told them how she had all the good intentions and she just couldn’t do it. Katie adn Morris told her they loved her and understand. They also gave her the baby stuff they had to help her get a head start.

Like I said, they are amazing people. They had total faith that God knew the baby meant for them and that baby boy wasn’t theirs.

A few months and many situations went by, but in December 2016 right before Christmas we received a situation that would change everything. It was a sweet mama that was wanting to make an adoption plan and loved Katie and Morris. They were MATHED again!

Just a few weeks later, they met the baby GIRL that would be their daughter. I remember Katie texting me tell me that this expectant mama was the sweetest soul she had ever met. They loved her well and left with a daughter.

Adoption isn’t easy, it never will be. But never doubt the plans the Lord has in store.

From Katie:

We joined CAC because we were completely new to adoption, and after some research, decided that CAC would be a good fit for us because with the mountain of possibilities and avenues that one can take with adoptions, we felt that for us it would be wisest to have an experienced consultant guide us through the options and the process. 
Our consultant Casey was extremely helpful from the beginning, patiently answering questions (even the silly ones!), and guiding us through the paperwork.  What we learned through the process is that the value of a consultant really shines through when making decisions where there is a lot of grey area: when weighing whether a particular situation was suitable for us to present or when waiting gets hard, the wisdom, care, and support that Casey provided was priceless.
We also experienced a failed adoption during the process, and Casey was a comfort through it all, sharing in both our joys and our sorrows.  While nothing can really prepare you for the heartbreak of a failed adoption, having someone walk with us through the pain was invaluable.
Eventually we were re-matched successfully and now we are just waiting to finalize the adoption of our awesome daughter.  We are thankful to Casey for her guidance and friendship throughout this process, as well as all the helpful people she put us in touch with.  

Meet Sara Isabella.


They are all home enjoying Life with a new daughter. If you are wanting more information about adoption and working with us, I would love to help answer any questions!



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