When I first started speaking with Carrie and Dave I immediately wanted to transport myself to their farm, horse riding life- but that story is for another day. Let’s talk about their adoption journey and sweet baby MASON!

Photo Dec 26, 4 08 13 PMPhoto Jun 01, 10 24 03 AM

They are transparent and genuine in a way that is so refreshing. They came into this adoption whole heartedly and with expectations that they would move forward with whatever the Lord set before them. I first talked to Dave and Carrie on 11/1/16 and we all knew right away that this would be a great fit. I was so honored to be able to guide and pray over them on their adoption journey with CAC/me! We officially got started on December 1st, 2016, what a great way to finish out the year.

On December 20th their home study was completed and I was finishing up their beautiful profile book. Things moved quickly and they received a few situations, but decided to present to a mama on January 5th, 2017- Dave and Carrie had found the mama that would chose THEM!


On a Wednesday afternoon in mid-March while cooking dinner I looked down to see a text with the sweetest fresh baby boy who had just been born. Born to another mama that wanted to make Dave and Carrie parents.


More From Dave and Carrie:
We LOVED working with CAC and particularly you Casey. We were so heavily guided to CAC by God, from just happening upon CAC on the Internet to every time we started to consider another agency someone new we didn’t know sent us an email or encouraged us toward CAC. After our first conversation with you my very “thinking planning” husband was ready to begin our journey with you! We both felt like we had just talked to a good friend which was exactly what we wanted. The agency we were matched with was equally as amazing. We were prepared for a minimum of a 2 year wait. We knew that adoption can be tricky, stressful and long. But we knew even more that we were supposed to adopt.
CAC was so helpful in educating us especially on open adoption and I am SO GLAD i love Masons first momma and now his abuela ❤ we had no idea how much we would love them and care for them. It broke my heart the way that our relationship was formed…. its beautiful and tragic. I had no idea how much I needed his first mama to know how to be a mama myself. I needed to see her love for Mason … I needed to see her selflessness both in the months leading up to his birth but especially that day. Her love is great…. and I’ve never seen anything like it.


Meet Mason:

Photo Mar 15, 7 49 04 PM17807495_10158428743345697_5725699927399936077_o18055951_10158499933235697_2398684668290376075_o18556451_10158640119910697_3157859206946196332_o18518158_10158635289205697_6997971876031346740_o

There are no mistakes in this journey. The Lord knows the path that we are all on and they had a beautiful journey to get to their son.

If you would like to know more about adoption and working together, I would love to chat!


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