HELLO Everly

Storey and Coty came to me in January last year with hopes of adding to their family. They already had two beautiful boys and wanted to grow some more! By July their profile book and home study were completed, they were ready to start seeing situations!!

Storey was so sure of what God was putting on her heart for their little one and we just new that this baby would be joining their family. They presented several times and that just wasn’t the baby for them. It is never easy to hear that another family was chose, but Storey always had such grace and faith.


The nest 8  months would be a roller coaster of emotion as they presented and waited until March rolled around and we heard about a sweet expectant mama that wasn’t too far from them. They presented and she LOVED them. THEY WERE MATCHED with a mama that would be having a beautiful baby GIRL sooner than later. A week later they met her in person and 3 weeks after that they would be holding her in a hospital room and loving on a mama that they truly cared for and loved also.

Every adoption experience is different and some are quick and some take a little longer, but the end result of having a little one join your family is always worth it all.

Now meet beautiful, Everly.

They are all enjoying life as a family of FIVE and loving how adoption has grown their family.

If you would like to learn more about working with CAC/me I would love to chat!!
Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com and to look more at our services and applications process go HERE



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