HELLO Lennon

I have grown to be so close to Kris and Megan over the last year. They are kind, gentle, and easy to love. They came to me after years of heartache with the hopes of being parents. They first reached out to me in January 2016 looking for more information, over the next few months we would chat more and in June they put their “YES” on the table for adoption and what the Lord had planned for their life. It was so exciting to get to be a part of it all.

Just came and went, Their book and home study were completed in August and they saw their first situation a few weeks later! The next few months would be tough as they would pray over each situation and hear “no”- that never gets easy to tell a waiting family. In February they presented to a couple that were needing to make an adoption plan for their daughter, Megan and Kris decided to present and on Valentines day we all got the amazing news that they were CHOSEN!!!!!

A baby girl would be arriving I just about 12 weeks and they would get the honor of being her parents. They next few months they would become very close and grow a beautiful relationship.

In may I got the best news that baby girl, Lennon had been born!



She is perfect in every way and Meagan and Kris are soaking up all the baby cuddles! Here is more from Meagan herself:

For many I believe adoption is bred from brokenness on some level, and for us the brokenness was 7 years of infertility and many failures with medical intervention. When we decided to pursue adoption that was it; we decided to “look” into it and we knew absolutely nothing else. I just felt a very strong feeling from God on my heart that this was where he wanted us to be. The day after that decision while scrolling through Instagram a post came up from a Casey that hit my heart. I emailed Casey right away and her very open and honest personality is what made us feel like we could move forward with adoption with her support and guidance. I look back now and I was so naive about adoption. My first two questions to Casey were, ” Do you feel like their mom?” and “Do you feel threatened by her?”. (Fast forward to today and I talk with our birth mom daily and have never once felt threatened). My biggest fear was letting go of control or having to much of what “I” wanted in this process. I wanted God to decide for me but I had a hard time fully surrendering. Casey was so sweet and kept reminding me to just be open and we could pray on it. Adoption pushed me right into every single one of my fears and everything about our daughter Lennon is everything my human heart said no to when we started. When Casey tells you that you can’t mess this up, to move past your fear and put your “yes” on the table and that God won’t let you miss your baby, she is so right. Listen to her experiences, trust God and surrender your control in the process. The wait is so worth it. The unseen and the impossible is when God works the biggest miracles. The waiting is hard and at times it felt like we would never see “our” baby; we reviewed so many situations. But God knew my heart and everything about Lennon, her birth mom and our relationship is every desire he planted deep down inside me years ago. He hears our prayers, He puts us through seasons of pruning but most of all, He will move you. As slow or as fast as He needs to so that you don’t miss your baby. Believe it!


It was truly my honor getting the chance to walk alongside Kris and Meagan through every step of this process! If you are interested I adoption, I would love to chat! Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com



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