HELLO Christian

I first chatted with Chris and Jessica in November and the next day I had their application to get started. They are truly such a lovely couple that were filled with anticipation of how God would grow their family.

The next few months would consist of finishing up their profile book, getting the home study completed, lots of prayers, and a hopeful heart.

After all of that was completed I would begin sending situations and I love the one on one time that we got getting to chat through each of those situations to decide if they were a good fit to present to. Either way I supported where their heart was. In May we heard about a sweet mama “A” who was looking for the right family for her baby boy.

Chris and Jessica presented and she LOVED THEM. She was due just a few shorts weeks later, but ended up having Christian just 5 days after match!

They are home and a happy family of THREE!

Photos done by: Tiffany Hauptly Photography 

If you are interested about domestic adoptions and working together I would love to chat more! Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com


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