HELLO Thomas

I usually get to write out these beautiful adoption stories, but Amy did a wonderful job of walking through their process to become parents to the most beautiful baby boy!

More from Amy:

When Dale and I got married, we wanted to start a family right away. Instead, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, leaving us unable to have biological children. The C-word is difficult for anyone to hear, but for newlyweds with dreams of a houseful of kids, it was devastating.  If we wanted to have a family, we would have to build it another way. We spent the next couple of years getting healthy, enjoying each other’s company, and thinking about the possibilities. We prayed, asking God to show us His will and to lead us down the path that He had in mind for us.

Adoption is not new to our families, so it was not an unusual thing for us to pursue once we discerned that domestic infant adoption was what we were called to. The problem was, we were so overwhelmed with information, and had no idea where to start or who to trust. There were few options open to us in our home state, so we shifted our focus to out-of-state possibilities. We had heard some good things about Christian Adoption Consultants, especially with regard to the assistance they provided throughout the process. So we gave them a call in June of 2016, and Casey became our consultant. She provided a ton of helpful information, answered our questions, and was there for us when we needed someone to talk to through the difficult times. She also created our profile book from a questionnaire and photos that we provided, which was great because neither of us was sure what to put in it and we knew a good profile could play a significant role in being chosen by expectant parents. We completed our home study in September, applied to agencies, and then waited.

As grain farmers, our busy season runs from April to November, so we had kind of hoped to be matched over the winter when we were less busy. We have all heard the stories about families being matched immediately…but there are also many who wait for years. We received many situations, but none of them seemed right for one reason or another. As the winter dragged on into spring, we still had not even presented, and were starting to wonder if we needed to apply to more agencies, or if this was even where God was leading us. I’m not going to lie, we hoped for a quick match, and it wasn’t happening. As I am not the most patient person in the world, it was pretty tough some days, and while we prayed for God’s will to be done, we still had some doubts about all of it. Casey kept encouraging us to hang in there and that the “right” situation would come along exactly when it was supposed to.

April was giving way to May when we received a situation that appealed to us in every sense…except the baby’s expected due date was June 3. Right during what was possibly the busiest of times on the farm. Could we make this work? We decided to trust God and take the chance, and presented for the first time…AND SHE PICKED US. It was a shock, but we were ecstatic at the possibility of finally becoming parents! Then we realized that we had a LOT of work ahead of us in the next four weeks before heading out of state for an unknown amount of time. So we went into overdrive, logging very long hours in the field and making plans for baby as we were able to. Baby’s due date was pushed back to June 12, which made us breathe a small sigh of relief that we might have a little more time to prepare.

The call came on the morning of June 2 that the expectant mother was in labor, and she delivered a baby boy shortly thereafter. Since we weren’t expecting him to arrive for another week, we had to get things together in very short order! We made it to the airport in the early afternoon, but then a series of crazy travel delays made it impossible for us to reach our destination until the next morning, about 24 hours after he was born. We were powerless in the situation, and all we could do was trust that God would get us there. And he did, in His time.

So often we hear that God’s ways are not our ways, and we can be so slow to accept that sometimes. We named our child Thomas because we liked the name, and it didn’t occur to us until later that we were much like the Apostle Thomas, “doubting Thomas,” during our wait. Sometimes we doubted God’s goodness or questioned His plan. But He remained faithful to us and showed us that He has bigger plans than we can ever imagine. We are so blessed to have this handsome little man to make us a family, just in time for our 4th wedding anniversary. And as for those crazy travel delays, maybe that was His way of giving Thomas’s birth mother a little extra time with him before we arrived.



If you are interested in domestic adoption and would like to learn more about working together, I would love to chat! Shoot me an email at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com





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