I first got the chance to meet Jacquelyn and Brian in February 2016 after their friend who was also my client had recently adopted through CAC. They have the most beautiful family with 3 gorgeous boys, they came to me with hopeful hearts of growing their family one more time!

The next 4 months would consist of completing the home study, Jacquelyn completing their beautiful family profile book and many mama heart to heart conversations about what this process would love like.

Jacquelyn has one of the most gentle, genuine hearts of anyone I know so I REALLY was my honor to get to be a small part of such a big moment in their lives. The next year consisted of a lot of waiting, presenting, hearing “no” and trying to stay hopeful. One year almost to the day that they sent me their application a beautiful mama chose them to parent her sweet baby that would be arriving soon!

We all did a happy dance and started moving forward and planning this little one’s arrival. As things progressed and the due date was here, we realized that this mama’s heart had changed and she wouldn’t be placing this baby with Jacquelyn and Brian. Devastating of course, all I could focus on was loving them and making myself completely available however they needed me through this time.

God wasn’t done with their story yet though and not too long later they were re-matched with a mama who had a beautiful baby GIRL! They had a long road, but Brynn was worth the wait.


More from Jacquelyn herself:

“We had a friend complete an adoption through CAC and it sounded like the right place for us. I sent out an initial inquiry to Casey and knew the second she responded that she was who we wanted to work with. Besides the fact that she says the cutest “y’all” I’ve ever heard, she was much more than a consultant. She became a friend. An encourager. A believer in the goodness of this road, despite some of the speed bumps. There is a lot to learn about adoption when you start; the right terms to use, the right questions to ask, and Casey graciously walks you through those. We were super naive when we started but she never once made us feel like we were asking something inappropriate. Instead she guided us, informed us, and paved the way before us. Adoption has a lot of twists and turns, many of which we experienced, but time and time again Casey just kept saying, “God will not let you miss your baby” and I truly knew Casey was grieving with us in the low times we experienced. The very second we saw our daughter in the bassinet at the hospital, we felt was Casey had been telling us all along. It imprinted on our heart and slammed us in the face at the same time. Brynn was ours and we were hers. God most certainly did not let us miss her. Casey, dear friend, we can’t thank you enough for your heart for adoption. For your guidance and love. We are SO grateful to God for putting us on this road and for using you as a vessel in our lives along the way!”

If you would like to learn more about domestic adoption and working with CAC/me, I would love to chat! Feel free to email me at Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com.


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