2018 + Babies + Travel

Last week was one for the books. One of the biggest hurricanes in U.S. history hit my city and devastated it. One of my friends laid her 3 year old baby girl to rest. Devastation on a level that is truly unfathomable.

We were unbelievably blessed to not have experienced any flooding or damage to our home or family members. We don’t take that lightly as we know so many HAVE experienced devastation a level of having to completely rebuild. But, there was something else that also came from the last week.

Something that made Tyler and I sit back and have deeper conversations about what is important to us, what we are really here for, where we wanted to spend our time and money. We had those hard conversations that no one wants to have. The ones that you say out loud that “we aren’t promised tomorrow” and neither are our babies and if “tomorrow” came sooner than we hoped would we care THEN how high savings was? Would we really be thankful we bought that new TV or would we wish we had more memories in the books as a family and pictures and videos to fill a home?

We decided we want memories to last a lifetime. So we bought a video camera and started videoing all the insignificant moments that fill our lives. We video the kids playing, Tyler grilling, when the grandparents come over, being stuck inside during hurricane Harvey, MY Harvey’s first bath. My hair isn’t fixed, our home isn’t clean or instagram worthy for these..we just hit record and start videoing. Although everyone thinks we have lost our minds. We booked a condo back to our favorite vacations spot, because why shouldn’t we take two family trips this year? So we booked this cute cottage and in 3 weeks we are headed back to Seaside, Florida with 2 toddlers and a 1 month old.Photo Sep 04, 10 22 55 AM

This is why in January Tyler and I (and Harvey- breastfeeding) are headed to a couples retreat to San Diego in to pour into our marriage. And why in June we will be in Utah at the Young Living Convention, and in the Fall I am headed to Spokane, Washington, and back to Seaside because it’s our fav, and why we are getting passports made (hopefully today) and we are trying to decide where we want to go internationally in 2018 with our 3 babies. Lake Como/Switzerland maybe? Maybe Spain?

You see, we hear all the time “But why go on so many trips, your kids won’t even remember?”

Because we will.

And because they might not remember we were in another state or country, but they will remember that we adventured, and we have videos to help them remember, and because people > possessions (Please know I have to remind myself of this too, because I want a cute pair of boots as much as the next person and Im human so I fall short DAILY)

So we are taking all the pictures and printing them too. We are booking the trips. We are videoing the insignificant, and we are loving every minute even with all the sleepless nights and toddler meltdowns. (Because those happen hourly around here and they aren’t easy or fun)

Here is a whole slew of photos that never made instagram, they never got filters or edited. They don’t have hastags attached to them, but they do have memories and moments we will remember.


Because he is sure to own a construction company one day. I have never seen someone love construction equipment like he does.

Photo Sep 04, 10 09 43 AM

My little chef

Photo Sep 04, 10 09 34 AM

Adventures with their Aunt Amanda. She took the boys for a weekend while I was pregnant when I was really sick to give me a break. So thankful for family like her.

Photo Sep 04, 10 09 17 AMPhoto Sep 04, 10 09 08 AMPhoto Sep 04, 10 09 05 AM

Headed to the pool while I was still pregnant

Photo Sep 04, 10 07 18 AM

Weekend fun as a family at Crust Pizza + the farmers market and Foster got his first Tattoo, he wanted a shark.

Photo Sep 04, 10 07 44 AMPhoto Sep 04, 10 07 58 AM

Tyler’s first Hibachi experience. 7 months pregnant

Photo Sep 04, 10 08 03 AM


That time we decided we would make the boys their very own construction site and bring boxes of sand in the house. Those went outside 2 days later because WHAT WAS I THINKING.Photo Sep 04, 10 08 17 AM


Fun with their pop pop who they adorePhoto Sep 04, 10 08 47 AM


Weekends at the pool (Oh HEY sessy hubby)Photo Sep 04, 10 07 12 AM


It was exactly 2 million degrees outside so we found an indoor play parkPhoto Sep 04, 10 07 03 AMPhoto Sep 04, 10 06 52 AM

2 weeks before I gave birth, praying he would come out soon and sending belly pictures to my besties

Photo Sep 04, 10 06 29 AM


The pictures we got while I was in pre-term labor in the hospital and Photo Sep 04, 10 06 19 AMPhoto Sep 04, 10 06 16 AM


Tyler and the boys baking me a birthday cake on my 30th birthday. 12 days before I gave birth to HarveyPhoto Sep 04, 10 06 08 AMPhoto Sep 04, 10 06 05 AM

Because sometimes we give up and let him watch his “pie pad” while he eats dinner.

Photo Sep 04, 10 05 49 AM

The day I went into actual labor I took the boys to an indoor ninja warrior park. Having contractions the whole time we were there, I gave birth at 3pm the next day.

Photo Sep 04, 10 05 38 AM

Foster and Murphy meeting Harvey for the first time.

Photo Sep 04, 10 05 28 AM

To most all of these moments are insignificant, but at the end of the day the “insignificant” moments are the ones that will make up our life.

Two days ago we were at the grocery store, Tyler with the “car cart”  (you know the one with the ginormous car attached) the boys were hanging half out, the cart was full, I was following behind with the stroller and our tiny tot inside- sipping a starbs. We looked like a legit carivan coming through.

A lady looked at us and said “I remember THOSE days, I don’t remember anything good, but I remember them” Tyler, without hesitation responded “You must not have been livin right.”

All I could think was, how sad. Those days when your kids were babies were a blur and thats the first thing that comes to mind.

I refuse to let us be that family. Don’t get me wrong we get frustrated, there are short tempers and eye rolls Tyler and I give each other, there are sleepless nights (so many sleepless nights), meltdowns, pee pee accidents, diaper bags that got left, too many grocery store runs and 3 kids in diapers…but these are the good days.

The other night over dinner Tyler said it perfectly. “The most important thing we will ever do in this life is raise our babies” and it’s true.

So let’s get this right.

Let’s make all the videos
Lets take all the pictures
Let’s have kitchen dance parties
Lets play in the driveway and get outside
Let’s make 2018 the year we travel the most

And let’s do it all together.

Photo Sep 04, 10 46 35 AM

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