HELLO Cole & Adelyse TWINS

Yet again, such an amazingly sweet couple I had the honor to work with on their adoption journey. We first started chatting in April 2017 and they were so graceful and sweet and expectant through every step. The home study, the profile book, and the waiting obediently on what the Lord had planned. In July I sent them their first situation!!

Through the next few weeks they presented a few times, but sadly it didn’t end with happy news. In mid August, just a few weeks later we heard about a mama having TWINS and was looking for the right family. Justin and Meredith would be them! They all quickly grew the most amazing bond to one another. Because they live in the same state, they were able to drive to meet the mama and talk almost daily! It was a blessing for everyone involved.


Two months later the due date was approaching and Meredith and I went back and forth all week on “baby watch” I wanted a play by play I was so stinking excited. Then they were HERE! There is nothing I love more than my phone lighting up with one of my clients names and a picture attach because I almost always know what that means. It means a mama did a really hard hard selfless thing, and a couple who have been longing to be a mama and daddy. All in one hospital room those things happened.

From Meredith

We loved our experience with Casey and CAC! We  quickly fell in love with the adoption process because of Casey’s help. She took the time to get to know us and our desires, and always remained available to answer questions along the way. We were quickly matched with an expectant mama, and Casey stayed in contact with us the whole time to see how the process was going until the birth. We always felt supported and knew we could go to her with any questions, concerns, or just to send exciting updates! 


SO SO SO happy for you Justin and Meredith, your family is beautiful and I am so lucky to have been a small part of it growing.  //  If you are interested in infant domestic adoption and would like to talk more, I would love to chat! Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com



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