I got the pleasure of sitting on the other line from Serena in late July and she poured her heart out as she spoke about her hearts desire. She told me how incredibly long they had been waiting, about failed adoptions they had, and yet some how through that scared voice on the other line, I still heard joy when she spoke about adoption. She was on the edge, literally teetering to give up. I assured her that the only time she should consider throwing in the towel is if the Lord took the desire away from her, but He never did.

I was VERY pregnant at the time and Serena (rightfully so) had some concerns about maternity leave and me…well having a new baby. This was their last shot at this and I couldn’t mess it up. I told her that YES a baby way coming soon, but that I would NOT let her family fall through the cracks, and I never did. Our little guy was born 4 weeks (almost to the day) later. In those first 4 weeks Serena had the opportunity to present to a few expectant mama’s at their original agency so they went for it. Ultimately those sadly also didn’t work out. Five weeks (end of September) after my little guy was born we took a family vacation and went to the beach. WE ARE CRAZYYY (no, really it was the best).

During that time Serena asked if I could talk. I grabbed my coffee and went and sat on the screened in porch of our beach house in the most beautiful beach town and we talked for over an hour. She was so defeated after bad news yet again from her original agency and the expectant mama they presented to and ultimately matched with, but also failed. She was completely vulnerable during that conversation and so was I. She wasn’t talking to her consultant and I wasn’t talking to a client. This was just a conversation between two mama’s that love the Lord and want to glorify Him in all we do. This was a conversation that embodied sisters in Christ leaning on one other and I was happy to listen!

6 days later they presented to a mama and were chosen. THIS time they would meet the beautiful expectant mama that would make them parents again. That’s where sweet Avery comes in to join their family!

More from Serena:

We came to Casey at Christian Adoption Consultants after two years of working with our local agency. During these two years we presented to 25+ expectant moms and experienced two heartbreaking failed adoptions. We started with CAC in July but had never even had an opportunity to present with CAC as we had been placed on hold with her because we had presented with our local agency and had been matched. We waited a while after our second failed adoption to become active with Casey again and I called her to discuss it and ended up in tears. I had begun to question if maybe we had heard God wrong and were never going to have a successful adoption. Casey would hear none of it. She said that our baby was out there and God would not let us miss her. After our talk I felt better, she has a way of doing that to you. Sometime very shortly after our long talk Casey sent us our very FIRST potential match with CAC in an email whose subject line read… “It may be too late for you to present but I wanted you to see this…” We opened the email and right away decided we definitely wanted to try to present and started praying that God would work it all out according to His plan. And work it out He did! Less than a week after presenting to our expectant mom we received a call telling us that we had been picked and would need to be in a state across the country in a week! We scrambled to line up friends and family to watch our three boys! It was very difficult for all of us to not be scared and take this leap of faith but I will tell you that the two failed adoptions showed our family that God works all things for good and that He will take care of us regardless of the outcome. So away we went. The minute we met our expectant mom we instantly connected and just felt so much love for her. It was like nothing we had ever experienced before. God writes the very best stories. I want to encourage those of you who feel like this will never happen. I encourage you to lean into Him and trust that He has it all under control and it will be oh so worth it in the end. If you are trying to decide if you should go with Casey at CAC we will tell you that having someone who shares your faith, holds your hand, encourages you, answers your questions, has hope when you are weary, and prays for you is invaluable. Casey, you are a blessing and we are blessed to have had you in our corner friend!


It has been a TRUE pleasure getting to work with this sweet family, getting their Christmas card and text’s of sweet Avery who is growing like crazy! If you are interested in domestic adoption, I would love to chat! Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com



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