In August 2016 I had the honor of starting the adoption process with Lauren and Patrick. They came to me with a hopeful heart and hands open wide for whatever the Lord wanted to do with their family. By November they were home study and profile book ready and received their first situation. After 6 months of presenting, a mama said YES to them and a sweet baby girl would be joining their family. Like adoption does, this match had a few bumps and with a heavy heart 4 weeks later this match fell through. Patrick and Lauren were heartbroken, but confident.

Over the next two and half months they had the chance to review and present to many more situations, but none of them ended up being the right one that was their YES. At the end of July they presented to a ma expecting a baby boy in October who said YES to them. They would be having a son about 12 weeks later.

Meet Jack and his beautiful new family:




More from Lauren:

Casey has been so wonderful to work with over the past year and a half! Though we did not match through CAC, we always felt connected with Casey. We had her support, prayers, and guidance through all of our situations. Casey is very knowledgable and experienced! We always felt reassured, and more confident in our decisions after talking with her on the phone. Adopting can be a bit of a bumpy road, and ours certainly had bumps. Casey always encouraged us to stick with it and assured us that God wouldn’t let us miss the opportunity to adopt our baby. In the end our bumps in the road led us to our sweet new baby boy, Jack! It was VERY helpful and comforting to have Casey there for us! We loved working with Casey!

Every adoption journey is unique and hard and 100% worth it. Everyone has a different time frame, a different story. One that is tailored just for you. If you can hold on a little longer, take a leap of Faith knowing the Lord won’t fail you…the out amazing gift is waiting at the end.


Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com if you are interested in working with me and CAC!

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