HELLO Hudson

I got to meet Samantha and Austin in September and right away they were sure adoption was for them (still scary, but sure). We hit the ground running, they worked on the home study and I worked on their profile book. By November er they were ready to start looking at and presenting to adoption situations. They heard a few “no’s” in that time which is never easy, but almost exactly 5 weeks later they were presented with a situation that they put their “YES” on the table for and they were CHOSEN! He as due just about 3 1/2 weeks later right before Christmas.

We were all SHOCKED and EXCITED when we found out that 48 hours later this sweet little boy decided it was time to make his arrival and he was being born. Austin and Samantha hopped a flight and with hopeful hearts and strong faith they flew to meet the mama and baby boy that would change their lives forever. They met their son, Hudson.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind where they would need to trust in His plan. They chose to do just that. Adoption is hard and comes with waves and hurdles that can shake us up, but sometimes we are called into rough waters so that we have no option BUT to lean in. They did just that.

More from Samantha:

We are so blessed to have found CAC and to have been paired with Casey throughout this journey. God truly turned ashes into beauty through this process, and even with some major hills and valleys, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Our son Hudson is a miracle, and we and we have already seen God work miraculously in his life. The thought of adoption was scary at first, handing over the reins to God has proven how faithful he always is. We were at rock bottom emotionally, financially, and spiritually and taking this leap of faith into adoption seemed impossible at first. But Impossible is not a word in Gods dictionary and he has proved that time and time again over the past 5 months.

When we started working with Casey and CAC in September, I had no idea that 3 short months later we would be hopping on a plane to meet our son. CAC and Casey were always there to guide us and answer every question we had, regardless of how silly it sounded. We are so thankful to have walked this journey with them by our side. It has been amazing to see how this adoption journey has taught us so much about ourselves and the love God has for us. Gods plan is always better than our own, and I am so thankful we took this leap of faith. Our son is a miracle.

If you would like to learn more about working with me/CAC I would love to chat!


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