About Me

This is my little corner of the internet that I like to pour my heart into.

I am the mama of one (Foster) and another due in just a few day. Both born to other women, beautiful women that are letting me be a mother to them both. Adoption has a special place in our heart, after all that’s how we built our family. I have a husband that is so good to me and loves his family in the most beautiful way. I am an adoption consultant which blesses me ten fold.

These days you can find me knee deep in Cheerios, Goldfish and Jesus just soaking it all up.
I am a dreamerBeliever
Rainy Day lover

The love of Jesus is not lost on me, it consumes me-


One thought on “About Me

  1. Very inspiring Casey! I am extremely proud of you and keep dreaming your dreams! I am speechless and for me that’s rare, ha-ha. I’d love to do things such as your trip to Africa, but I myself would personally love to do it here in the US. Please don’t take that in the sense that I believe what you are doing is wrong because it is not in anyway and I am absolutely floored by it all!! It’s just always been a dream of mine to do it over here. Good luck in your travels and I am sure we will see each other one day within the Game Warden family. 😀

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