The story of Foster + Murphy + Harvey

007a2369-x3We have the honor of raising up two beautiful boys who were both born to other women. “D” and “P” saw something worth in us to raise their children. We love them dearly and share an open adoption with both.

Here is the quick run down of our adoption journey (But, I would love to meet over coffee to share all the sweet details the Lord brought together)

-Meet in a country bar
-Get married 16 weeks later
-Donate eggs to a family that couldn’t have babies
-Start trying to get pregnant
-We never get pregnant
-Take a break and go to Africa for a month
-Try to adopt Kamoga
-Start an international adoption in the Czech Republic at the same time
-A year goes by
-Get a call about a 4 day old baby boy in the NICU that needs a family
-Drive to Florida that night
-Meet Foster, our son
-Finalize Fosters adoption
-1 year later (after foster was born) we start our second adoption
-3 weeks later we are MATCHED
-7 weeks later I stood in the delivery room to meet our second son, Murphy
-Finalize Murphys adoption
-Buy a house
-After 5 1/2 years of infertility in January 2017 we found out we were PREGANT
-August 2017 Harvey was born
-We dream BIG for what God has planned to grow our family next.

BUT we are sure happy to tell you the beauty that lies in adoption.

Right after we got home with Foster // Family Photos 2014

@mistymclendon has done all of our photo session except the maternity pics


2014 // Foster turns 1 year old -Family Photos (8 weeks before Murphy was born)




2015 // Family Photos (December) Murphy joins the family


And two the two women that made us parents. Meet “D” – Foster’s birth mom and “P” Murphy’s birth mom:


2015-06-15 14.58.5213084146_10209839658731062_381752303_n


We promise to love you to the ends of the earth and teach you all about Jesus.


2015 // Family Photos


2016 //  Family photos




Im Pregnant 2017 @kaitlinbranter did my maternity pics


Baby boy #3 // Meet Harvey Rowe // 9/2017