Why hire an Adoption Consultant?

I have grown over the years through our own infertility, through traveling to Africa and then adopting domestically..to have such a respect and passion for Adoption.

My husband and I are currently in the process of adopting our second child domestically (who is due any day now) It is my vision and dream to walk along side others during their adoption journey. I am an Adoption Consultant with Christian Adoption Consultants and have the honor of guiding couples through their own personal adoption journey with all the twists and turns included. We offer a Christ centered approach to guiding couples along every single step of the adoption journey.

  • Financial Advice – Knowing the resources you have available to you as an adoptive couple will help you make sound, wise financial decisions and save you time and money.  We offer detailed information on how to fund your adoption through grants, loans, tax benefits and fundraising.
  • Education and Guidance  – Our individualized consultations and step-by-step reference manual will guide you from your first questions about adoption until your adoption is finalized.
  • Personal Advocate – Let our experts advise you on the warning signs and help you navigate the confusing adoption process.
  • Experienced Professionals – Our staff not only has years of professional experience but most are adoptive parents and former clients of Christian Adoption Consultants.

Our domestic consulting services includes a couple of added benefits:

  • Shorter Wait Time – On average. domestic adoption by families educated through our consulting services typically take less than 6-12 months!
  • Multiple Agency Networking – We educate you on adoption agencies and attorneys located in adoption-friendly states that are ethical and often in need of adoptive families.

We also assist in Agency paperwork preparation to take some of the load off you of you. We love creating and designing adoption profile books as well so we are happy to work our magic for your beautiful family if this isn’t an area you prefer to take on. View some of our examples here

Check out the services we offer HERE, also feel free to scroll through my blog where I have plenty of my past clients adoption stories!

If you are interested in learning more about adoption and possibly using Christian Adoption Consultants services and working with me, email me here ***Casey@christianadoptionconsultants.com or call me at 512-230-5313 and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.***



“I didn’t realize it when signing up with CAC , that not only was I going to get help every step of our adoption process , but gain a sweet friend along the way too . Casey was a huge support and encouragement . She was always there when I reached out with questions and celebrated with us in our journey . I’ll always be thankful for the role she played in bringing our sweet girl home.” –CAC adoptive mama Cari

“Once we knew we were going to adopt, we just knew it was going to be a long, hard process. I didn’t know CAC existed, until a friend told us about it. I cannot recommend CAC highly enough! I tell everyone about it even if they may not be considering adoption! They ‘pave the way’ for families pursuing adoption and help you to have direction in your pursuits. Casey was there for us every step of the way! I clearly remember a time I was so discouraged with not being chosen and with the waiting and she spoke such words of encouragement and life and told us that there is a baby out there for us and every ‘no’ is someone else’s ‘yes’. We love CAC and their heart for finding forever families for these precious children!” – CAC Adoptive mama Meredith

“I knew just as early on when we began our adoption that we needed the support of a consultant. We began to interview several and right away we connected with Casey. It was her ability to share her story and encourage ours that ultimately brought us to work together. There was never a moment when I felt we would have to “figure it out” without guidance and knowledge and lots of prayer. Casey shared so many opportunities with us and always helped us (still helps us) see all sides of a situation.
God led us to Casey and she led us to our twins even when others told us that dream was crazy and not to set our hopes too high. When I hear someone question where to begin with their adoption process I usually respond with “e-mail my friend Casey!”– CAC Adoptive mama Rachel

For now here are some beautiful families I have had the pleasure of working with the babies that joined their families


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