You know those relationships and friendships that you walk into and it seems like you are bringing something to the table, but then they end up blessing you a million times over. That’s Fallon and Mingo for me. They are loving and faithful in a way that is inspiring on a daily basis. Their life … More HELLO Nico

HELLO Ava Grace

I first met Ashlie and Cody back in July 2016 when they reached out to me as hopeful adoptive parents! I am pregnant and my hormones are crazy town so even that first sentence brought tears to my eyes that I get to write this for them. It is maybe one of the hardest things … More HELLO Ava Grace

HELLO Carson

I am so excited for you to hear Jacob and Kourtney’s adoption journey! Enjoy!   Jacob and I had talked about adoption early on in our relationship, even prior to marriage. It was something we wanted to do at some point in our life, just no plan as to when. Shortly after we were married, … More HELLO Carson

HELLO Londyn

THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. April and Adam are basically family now. We do oils together, we do adoption together. I want to dabble in their snowy weather and they want a piece of my 80 degree January days. Like I said, family. I could go on and on and on about the details of their … More HELLO Londyn

HELLO Georgia

This Family. This Story. Their Faith. Their Yes. What a beautiful story God wrote for this beautiful family. From my first conversation with Kristin her voice was gentle and her heart was hopeful. Her and Adam were putting their “YES” on the table and had no idea what that might look like. BOY was God … More HELLO Georgia


I am EXTRA excited about this sweet family and sharing with you, because for the FIRST TIME I was able to go to the hospital to meet them and their new daughter. Jenn wrote is so beautifully in her own words: We came to CAC overwhelmed and unsure where to start.  So many agencies, so … More HELLO Zera