Simple Folk Community



I am so excited you are here and so excited to share a bit about the community I have created for this oily family of mine. It’s a place that is open to anyone that grabs their premium starter kit from me or anyone in my downline!

We have two online communities. We have one that is a place for everyone to talk about their oils, ask questions, share recipes, talk about freebies, a place to learn and grow in the Essential oil world and not feel lost. We have a separate online community for people who are interested in moving forward with Young Livings business side. In this online community we share anything that has to do with helping you grow your business. I want you to have all the tools and resources available to succeed. We have graphics, classes, information, educational materials, business tools, videos, printable materials and so much more.

Probably my favorite thing about BOTH online communities is the actual people. The people that rally when a member of our community is in need, when prayers are needed, when end of the month hustle tips are helpful, when we have questions, pictures are needed, and like recently when I go on maternity leave and I am able to focus solely on my family and newborn and other leaders step up so I can do that.

The income and growth that is possible with Young Living has already far exceeded anything I ever dreamt of, In 2.5 years we are able to bring in 6 figures annually (I know it’s weird to talk about money, but it’s a big part of it. I share this to inspire you- not to gloat) Hear my heart here.

I want this freedom for you.
I want this community for you.
I want these friendships for you.

I meet people in my downline for lunch/mama dates, we have traveled to Utah together, they were at my baby shower, they cheer me on and I cheer them on. We do this together and no one gets to the top alone. I am so thankful and appreciative for every single person in this community and the friendships that have come from it will be life long.


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